About us

Our company’s history began with the import of elite products for restaurants, but now we have decided to open our own retail online shop.

 «Beluga Caviar House»ТМ is an elite store with high-quality service that specializes in black and red caviar of exclusively high quality. 

We are a unique service of exquisite delicacies, which will deliver your order within two hours in Kyiv and the surrounding area. We are in favor of our customers having the opportunity to try caviar before buying, and, upon your request, upon delivery we can provide a tasting. Honesty and transparency are our most important advantages, so our caviar is present in the most expensive restaurants in Kyiv.

We also always have an amazing selection of all kinds of seafood, which we are very proud of. Our special merit is the careful selection and personal approaches to each product represented in our store since we select and import all positions and have our own warehouse.

We always receive positive feedback from customers and this is the best confirmation of our reliability as an online store.  «Beluga Caviar House»ТМ will easily fulfill even your wildest dreams!