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Sturgeon caviar is a delightfully pure taste of a real delicacy, which with its freshness and memorable delicate creamy nut aftertaste will definitely lift your spirits. Light delicate texture dissolving on the tongue, alluring fatness and attractive translucent shell of eggs will give an exquisite charm to your dishes.

Probably only sturgeon caviar could cause such vivid emotions. This delicacy is a source not only of good mood, but also has many useful properties. Its size and color depend on the type of sturgeon from which it was harvested. Although they differ in appearance and habitat, they all have in common the ability to produce an incredibly unique and valuable delicacy. The pasteurization technology perfectly allows you to preserve the necessary properties and freshness of the product only with the help of salt, which turns black sturgeon caviar into an absolutely natural product. Black caviar is not always black, its unique ability is that it can be silver, gray, brown, and even bronze. The lighter the shade, the more noble the type of fish used for harvesting.

Interesting facts about the black delicacy

• Due to the powerful presence of beneficial microelements phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, iron, iodine, etc., as well as vitamins of A, B, C, D, PP, E groups and Omega-3, Omega -6 amino acids, black caviar is considered a natural aphrodisiac, which increases libido.

• Among the sturgeon varieties, the most desirable one is Almas. Its price is about $ 23,000 per kilogram, as it is harvested from rare albino beluga specimens that have reached 100 years of age. The Iranian monopolist company encases this jewel into real gold cans and imports it all over the world. The caviar is distinguished not only by its taste, but also by its sparkling golden-white color.

• The most passionate fan of caviar in the world is singer George Benson, who purchased 3 tons of caviar for $ 3 million for his 50th anniversary.

• Another celebrity, a comedian Charlie Chaplin simply adored this exquisite delicacy. Once he was even paid with 4 kilograms of caviar, which is a very memorable fact for all admirers of this delicacy.

• Black caviar is widely used in cosmetology, its beneficial properties perfectly slow down the aging process of the skin. This fact was discovered thanks to women who worked with caviar in fisheries - the skin on their hands looked much smoother than on their faces.

Type Sturgeon caviar

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