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The most delicate and refined delicacy of black Kaluga caviar will decorate not only your table but also bring you incredible taste emotions for the whole day. Create unforgettable moments for yourself, because the exceptional choice of caviar from Kaluga fish of the sturgeon family is a worthy contender for the best caviar you have ever tasted.

A delightful light nut-and-sea taste, melting texture and exquisite fragrant taste can be perfectly combined with cool sparkling wine or champagne.

Black caviar is an incredible value in itself. But what do you say about the caviar that is harvested from fish listed in the Red Book? There is a special thrill eating such a delicacy, isn’t it? However, this type of caviar is not a part of poachers' business; all the efforts of biologists are devoted to the restoration of such a valuable resource and therefore the catch is strictly controlled. Kaluga caviar is a kind of gastronomic gift, delightful in its fatness and richness with an indescribable delicious taste.

The unsurpassed large size of the eggs reaches 3 mm and has an incredible variety of colors, which depends on the age of the fish. For example, younger individuals have dark gray caviar, and older fish turn their eggs brown and even bright black. Kaluga caviar is often compared with beluga caviar because they are very similar in size and taste.

Ideas for delicious treats

Buying expensive delicacies we often do not imagine how and with what it is better to eat them. Here are some proven ways when noble black caviar opens up with a wonderful gamut of taste.

Black caviar and coold champagne are an elegant invention of the French nobility, a tandem that until today has not been able to be destroyed by any sophisticated gourmet.

Small baguette toasts and carefully selected butter are also one of the classic ways to serve caviar to wines.

• You should not neglect such a traditional version as caviar and pancakes. Despite being the beaten cliché, this combination is incredibly satisfying and definitely memorable.

• The original presentation of exquisite delicacy in halves of boiled quail eggs, the protein of which perfectly shades nutty notes of Kaluga caviar, will help to delight the guests.

• And of course, for lovers of strong drinks such as vodka, which is also perfectly suited for our delicacy, we suggest putting caviar on chilled cucumber circles as an appetizer.


Type Kaluga black caviar

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