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Sterlet black caviar with a light olive shade is a very tasty and noble delicacy. Pleasant fattiness and creamy-nutty notes of caviar perfectly go with a very delicate texture. The size of the eggs is small, only 1-1.5 mm, and they have a shiny translucent shell. Sterlet caviar is perfect for a festive table if served on toasted golden croutons of dark bread.


Sterlet is a small but valuable sturgeon fish. Its length reaches a maximum of 125 cm and the fish can weigh up to 16 kg. This fish starts spawning rather early and can lay between 4 and 140 thousand eggs.

Sterlet caviar is a healthy product, as are other varieties of black caviar. It contains all the necessary components to boost vision and immune system, normalize the work of heart and blood vessels, as well as the functioning of the thyroid gland, and protect the nervous system from stress. Like most types of black caviar, sterlet caviar has its well-known nutty aftertaste, and due to the thin shell of eggs, it literally melts on the tongue.

It is advisable to store sterlet black caviar not in the freezer but in the refrigerator, since after being frozen it may lose not only its unique appearance but also its valuable taste.

3 myths about black caviar

Black caviar has acquired a lot of interesting myths since it became a popular delicacy.

Red caviar is more useful than black. In fact, regardless of color, caviar has approximately the same beneficial properties. Since sturgeon breeds live longer and reach sexual maturity only when they become 4 to 7 years old, their caviar is considered more valuable and more expensive. It also contains vitamins and microelements that are absent in red, for example, omega-6 acid.

All black caviar tastes the same. This is not true. Real gourmets distinguish caviar not only because of the variety of shades but also because of the slight, barely noticeable difference in taste. Thus beluga and sturgeon caviar have a nut flavor, while sterlet and Kaluga taste a bit of sea and iodine.

You can easily gain weight because of black caviar. Actually, the creamy fattiness of caviar is quite deceptive, since the fat comprises only 13-15%, and 30% basically contain pure and useful protein, which also dissolves the harmful cholesterol in the blood.


Type Starlet black caviar

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