Russian sturgeon caviar

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250g 5 000 ₴
500g 9 800 ₴

Russian sturgeon caviar occupies a special place in the hearts of true gourmets. This exquisite delicacy should not be eaten with bread, its taste is enjoyed with small spoons to the accompaniment of elite alcohol.

Russian sturgeon caviar is very valuable and it rightly deserves its popularity due to a delightful color palette from gray to grayish-brown tones. This is not only a rare delicacy for special occasions but also an exclusive gift for loved ones.  Russian sturgeon caviar is a perfect delicacy of high quality. Pleasant nutty notes, creamy fatness and small size of the eggs are combined to deliver the highest gastronomic pleasure. Specialists consider this variety of caviar better than beluga’s because of its solid grain 2.5 mm in size and excellent storage properties.

Black caviar is considered to be an extremely delicate product, highly susceptible to the influence of oxygen and light, so it is not recommended to store it in an opened can for a long time. It is best to be eaten in a pleasant company during friendly conversations.

Russian sturgeon is an amazing inhabitant of the Caspian, Black and Azov seas. It is also not rare in the Volga, Kama and the Urals. Since this species has a protected status, the Russian sturgeon is safely bred in an artificial environment on fish farms. The taste qualities of sturgeon meat are determined as extremely high and are considered to be a delicacy. The caviar though is simply idolized since the delicate nutty taste and soft fish notes are everyone’s favorite. Small, hard eggs are usually not bigger than 2.5 mm in size with a characteristic silver-gray, sometimes turning brown, tint. Melting shell and creamy fat with nutty undertones are the most recognizable features of Russian sturgeon caviar.

Reasons to love black caviar

Although sturgeon black caviar belongs to the expensive product segment, it tends to run out. But do not be upset, its taste lasts for a moment, but the mood that it leaves behind persists for a long time. A whole celebration can suddenly begin just from one jar. It is a medicine against aging and surprisingly prolongs youth. The richness of vitamins and microelements turns this very valuable delicacy into a perfect tool that not only has many benefits but also brings people together.

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