Siberian sturgeon caviar

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500g 8 400 ₴

Siberian sturgeon caviar always feels like a holiday. It can be an exquisite delicacy or an elegant gift to a dear person.

The taste of the Siberian sturgeon caviar is perfect with its light shades of nut and cream. Some people find notes of dried fruit in it. Due to the noble brilliance of eggs, transparency and delicate texture, Siberian sturgeon caviar is a truly elite treat. By purchasing Siberian sturgeon caviar, you declare not only your high status but also excellent taste.

Siberian sturgeon caviar is another type of black caviar. It is characterized by light transparency of the eggs and their dark gray, brown, sometimes even black color. Siberian sturgeon has been successfully bred on special farms for several decades. Wild sturgeon lives in the rivers of Siberia, as well as in the Baikal and Zaisan lakes. Its maximum age can be up to 60 years. This predator fish prefers to eat crustaceans, insects, mollusks and small fish. The taste of fish meat itself is as perfect as the taste of caviar. Therefore, sturgeon itself is very much appreciated among the true admirers of fish delicacies.

Its small dark eggs are an incredible source of the most useful elements. Phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, calcium, zinc and fatty acids perfectly provide the human body with the missing microelements and vitamins. Thanks to black sturgeon caviar the walls of blood vessels are strengthened, the work of the heart and the thyroid gland is normalized, the eyesight and even the skin are improved, as the nutrients contained in it stimulate collagen production. Black caviar has an excellent effect on the digestive system and also protects the nervous system from overwork and stress.

Why you should buy black caviar

As mentioned above, black caviar is a wonderful source of youth when consumed regularly, as it slows the aging process in the body down significantly. It has a wide range of nutrients. But the most important thing is that buying Siberian sturgeon black caviar is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your status and good taste, as well as an effective way to make friends and the necessary acquaintances. Since the mid-19th century, this fish delicacy has been successfully conquering love all over the world, and also surprisingly uniting people.

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