Pike caviar

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Pike caviar has always occupied a special place in gastronomy.

Incredible amber-yellow eggs and a unique fishy taste, which is very often compared with the taste of black caviar, are highly valued by true admirers of fish delicacies. Pike caviar is characterized by a small diameter of eggs, about 3 mm, and light crumbliness. This delicacy goes great in tandem with onions and melted butter and is wonderfully combined as a snack with various kinds of alcoholic beverages.


Like yin and yang, like white and black, to this day there is a debate around pike and black caviar, which taste is better? It is impossible to believe, but pike caviar used to be considered a royal delicacy and cost much more than black. And all of that since the excellent crispness, appetizing amber color, and incredible fishy taste can not be compared with any existing product.

Today, the pike is a fairly common type of fish and unlike sturgeon, it can be found not only in our region but also in the rivers of Eurasia and near the shores of North America. A pike female can spawn from 17.5 to 215 thousand eggs depending on the size of the individual, so you can safely enjoy this unsurpassed delicacy because its disappearance does not threaten us.

What is so special about it?

Pike caviar is a dietary product, and the content of beneficial vitamins and minerals in it is just off the charts.

Vitamins of groups A, B, E, D will take care of your beauty, vision, immunity and nervous system. Also, phosphorus, iodine, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium will satisfy all the necessary needs in microelements of the body. Pike caviar is valuable primarily for its beneficial qualities, and as a bonus, we also get a unique, stunning taste.

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