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Bright red, firm, salty, aromatic, with pleasant fish notes, ready to melt in your mouth – all of this is about trout caviar.

Being small in size (only 2-3 mm in diameter) trout caviar remains the favorite of many caviar experts. You can always make ordinary sandwiches with it, but it would waste its potential of a perfect ingredient to create culinary masterpieces.

Its unique color and taste are the perfect companions in dishes with cream cheese and sour cream. Try it yourself and you will never regret your choice.

Trout caviar is one of the smallest variations of salmon caviar, but its taste is not inferior to them. The name trout refers to several varieties of freshwater species of fish. Since the trout prefers to live only in crystal clear water, its flesh, as well as caviar, has a unique and exquisite taste.

There are a lot of people who love to eat trout, but there are even more fans of its caviar, which is adored for unsurpassed saltiness, shell density and pleasant content of fat. A small bitterness, which may be present, will only add new shades to the palette of gastronomic emotions. Trout caviar has a delightful color, varying from bright orange to red and slightly sticky consistency, but this is what makes this type of caviar unique.

Signs of high-quality trout caviar

Trout caviar is quite rare and therefore valuable; it is rather difficult to buy a fake one, but you should always pay attention to the quality of the product.

Type of salting and amount of salt. Caviar of the first rate is always salted and has about 4-6% of salt from the total package volume.

Eggs are homogeneous, of equal size with a slight gloss and are slightly glued.

Lack of excess mucus and foreign particles. Trout caviar is a perfect creation of nature, which should visually resemble small red beads.



Type Красная Икра форели

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