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Pink salmon caviar is the standard among all varieties of red caviar. Light orange eggs of medium size fascinate with their brilliance and attract the eye. A wonderful choice for true connoisseurs of authentic caviar delicacies. Seductive round shapes dissolve easily on the tongue leaving a pleasant creamy aftertaste. Pink salmon caviar does not need a presentation, because it goes perfectly well not only with sparkling drinks but also with dry white wine.

Pink salmon caviar, like chum salmon caviar, is the most popular among all types of salmon caviar. Its ideal average size does not exceed 3-5 mm, and the color often has an amber shade with a slight sheen. Pink salmon, as a representative of the salmon family, is considered to be a record holder, since it produces the tastiest caviar.

The taste of salmon caviar deserves special attention. It is so versatile and pleasant, without any bitterness, that even children eat it with pleasure. Pink salmon caviar is an unsurpassed “classic” among the other types of red caviar, and if you doubt your choice we recommend starting your acquaintance with it trying amazing pink salmon caviar.

Is pink salmon caviar healthy?

If you are looking for the perfect combination of proteins, fats, beneficial vitamins and minerals in one product pink salmon caviar is what you need, as it is not only a prestigious delicacy but also an incredibly healthy product. A delightful delicacy created by nature itself, which perfectly satisfies the most sophisticated cravings of the human body.

         • Vitamins of groups A, B, D, E.

         • Phosphorus and iron.

         • Lecithin.

         • Omega-3 fatty acids, which dissolve harmful cholesterol and affect the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. 



Type Pink salmon caviar

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