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It is the caviar of chum that has always been the decoration of a royal feast. Its appearance is a great aesthetic pleasure. Having rather big eggs 5-6 mm and a marvelous amber-red color being shiny and juicy, it will certainly be in the spotlight. If you choose chum salmon red caviar, you get not only a delicate creamy flavor with light fish notes but also a unique range of gastronomic impressions.

Chum salmon is second only to the rare caviar of Chinook fish listed in the Red Book. People have been enjoying its taste for over 400 years and it still has not lost its relevance and popularity. The peculiarity of this type of caviar is a luxurious size that can reach 9 mm. Color is determined closer to bright orange than red, and embryos are well visible in the light. Lightly moist elastic eggs of regular shape have a pleasant slightly salty taste typical of red salmon caviar.

The facts which you didn’t know of

Red caviar is a rather mysterious product, which we are used to seeing only on special occasions, and it is related to very interesting and informative facts.

• Those who consume red caviar regularly, at least once a week, have a high intellect, therefore red caviar should be given more often to children.

• Red caviar, though quite fat, is considered a dietary product, and all this is due to omega-3 fatty acids.

• People started to salt caviar only 100 years ago, before that time it had been consumed raw or dried.

• Caviar promotes the production of endorphins in the blood, which has a beneficial effect on pregnant women and their babies.

• Red caviar is 30% percent of wholesome protein, which is highly recommended by doctors because due to this patients recover more easily after serious diseases. So, in addition, the caviar is also a tasty medicine.

Type Chum salmon caviar

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