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A special delicacy is the amazing caviar of a sockeye salmon, which can be characterized by the very small size of eggs, only 3-5 mm. Its appetizing bright red color speaks for itself.

Only a real gourmet can appreciate the taste of sockeye salmon caviar: a light bitterness and a long aftertaste with a sea flavor is a real indicator of the elitism of this type of caviar. As a complement, sockeye salmon caviar perfectly goes with a glass of sparkling dry wine and incredibly transforms any dinner. 

Sockeye salmon is an amazing fish of the salmon family, which is valued not only for exceptional caviar but also for its extremely tasty meat. It feeds on fat red crustaceans, the Calanoida, due to which the meat and caviar of this fish have a very beautiful color.

Dense shell and red-orange color of the eggs perfectly combine with the rich taste of caviar, which is considered a rare delicacy, and to find it on sale is a great success since

it contains unique vitamins and microelements that are simply vital for every organism. Among them, there are vitamins of A, B, E, C, PP groups, which are excellent for strengthening the immune system, as well as minerals: manganese, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, folic acid, and iodine. Omega-3 fatty acids, which positively affect the functioning of the heart and the vascular system, deserve a special mention too. 

Myths about red caviar

•         Consuming only black caviar is beneficial - In fact, regardless of the color or shade of the caviar, the microelements in both varieties are approximately identical.

•         Caviar makes you fatter because it contains fat - Actually, in this amazing fish delicacy, there is not a single useless calorie that would cause some problems with extra pounds. It consists of 30% of protein and only 13-15% of fat, often the weight gain is caused by white bread, which we love to accompany red caviar with.

•         All red caviar is the same - in fact, although our favorite delicacy is harvested from fish that belong to the salmon family, an experienced gourmet can easily distinguish types of red caviar not only by their external qualities but also by differences in taste.


Type Sockeye salmon caviar

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