Genuine red king crab

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Natural red king crab meat will create a feast on your table. Fresh canned meat without any harmful additives retains all the useful marine elements. This is an incredibly delicious, nutritious, dietary, excellent ready-made dish for people who monitor their health and body shape.

It is difficult to come up with tastier and more natural treats than crab meat, which comes to your table from the shores of the Far East. The only better alternative will be a genuine crab brought to you directly by plane. However, what to do with a live sample and how to extract meat in this case? You should not make it your problem, because conservation is an excellent substitute. What could be better for a true gourmet than these delightful delicate parts of the highest quality from the 1st and 2nd phalanx of the Kamchatka crab, seasoned in its own juice without any preservatives, dyes or flavorings?

The unique production technology allows you not only to choose for you the most delicious pieces but also to fully preserve the taste and beneficial microelements contained in crab meat.

Tasty recipes with crab meat

Oh, we know that you want to quickly open the jar and taste the fragrant, juicy and slightly sweet crab meat, but do not rush. We have selected several interesting recipes for you, where crab meat will be accompanied by new flavors. Here they are:


Breathtaking Crab Meat Snack

• Heat 30 grams of olive oil and 30 grams of butter in a pan.

• Then warm up a few minced cloves of garlic for 2 minutes.

• Add our fragrant crab meat to the pan and fry for about 4-5 minutes.

• In tandem with fresh French white baguette, this fragrant snack will look great on a table for morning breakfast and a hearty dinner by candlelight.


Crab cakes are actually pretty easy to cook

If you believe that a pie is a dish mastered only by skillful cooks, then you are deeply mistaken. We know a very simple yet tasty recipe.

• Fry 400 grams of pickled crab meat in butter for a short period of time.

• Lay one layer of the premade puff pastry in a baking dish and pierce it a few times with a fork. Spread roasted crab meat on it.

• Beat 3 eggs and 200 grams of sour cream and pour the prepared mixture onto crabs. We recommend sprinkling 150 grams of your favorite cheese on top.

• Bake the cake in the oven for about 30 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

• Sprinkle the ready culinary masterpiece with herbs and serve to the table. Nothing difficult as you can see.

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