Red king crab, 1st phalanx frozen-cooked (peeled)

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If you doubt what part of the crab is preferred and what to choose, we definitely recommend the first phalanx, because it is the most valuable and tasty piece of the king of crabs with its length of 10-12 centimeters. Incredibly meaty phalanx with a perfect taste definitely will not leave you indifferent. Selected phalanxes of the Kamchatka crab, in brilliant ice glaze, are a source of useful elements and are already ready for use.

Crabmeat, especially obtained from the first phalanx, has a huge demand among our customers. After all, this part of the limb is considered to be tasty and healthy.

The right phalanx of the crab is the most delicious piece of crustacean. It has a good density, large size and unforgettable pronounced taste with sweet notes and natural juice. No wonder that manufacturers have learned to marinate and preserve the juiciest part of a king crab.

However, we recommend that you turn your attention to the already boiled meat which was shock-frozen right after it. After all, this is a proven by time method to taste a Far Eastern crab as if it was just caught. Believe us, the difference between a frozen-cooked crab and a freshly caught one is only that all the labor-intensive processes were done for you: it was cut and boiled.

Having bought a peeled first phalanx of the crab, the only thing is left for you is to enjoy the ready-to-eat seafood, although you will need to spend a little time on defrosting.


Vitamin secrets of the first phalanx of the crab

Crabmeat occupies its special place among all the seafood known to humanity. People worrying about their figure cannot find more dietary and tasty product, as this delicacy doesn’t contain any carbohydrates at all. Is this not a dream for a “lover of tasty food”? Also, as a huge bonus, the crab contains 18.3 grams of easily digestible protein and 0.6 grams of fat. There is only 84 kcal per 100 grams of nutritious meat.

These are not the only advantages of this type of product. High iodine content will perfectly support the work of the thyroid gland, vitamins of such groups as A, B, C, E, PP will definitely contribute to strengthening the immune and nervous systems as well as blood vessels. The presence of polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids will fill the their deficiency in your body, and microelements such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper will solve many of your health problems forever, whether it is brittle bones or insomnia. Irreplaceable taurine will improve your eyesight and has a beneficial effect on brain cells.

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