Argentine shrimp in a shell fresh-frozen 21-30 (2 kg)

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The most sought-after seafood on our website is wild Argentine shrimp in its shell, loved by the delicate taste of juicy white meat with a dense texture and light sweet notes.

It is sometimes called a mini lobster on your table because it is often compared with these crustaceans. Caught in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Argentine shrimps fascinate with their raw and lush taste. They are gorgeous, both served on their own or as an ingredient of salads, pasta, paella, various snacks, and hot dishes.

The Argentine shrimp, being an ingenious invention of nature, led humanity to create countless admiring reviews and millions of unique dishes. This small creature belonging to the crustaceans and living in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean, undoubtedly, has won its place among the variety of seafood. The Argentine shrimp grows and is caught exclusively in the natural environment and is considered wild. Due to this, the length of its body can reach 20-25 centimeters and weigh about 30-40 grams.

Argentine shrimp meat contains many useful vitamins such as A, B12, E, D, as well as microelements: phosphorus, zinc, potassium, iodine, iron, selenium. Do not forget about the advantage of easily digestible proteins, which makes shrimp an excellent dietary product.

Value from the bottom of the ocean

Argentine shrimps are considered to be primitive species of crustaceans, but their nutritional value for humans has some obvious advantages. Which of the inhabitants of the metropolis do not have enough iodine? Yes, almost everyone! We are deprived of the pleasure to live near the sea, and not everyone needs it, but nobody will refuse iodine in the body. So why don’t we fill the lacking component while having a delicious dinner?

A is a secret link for extending youth and beauty of the skin.

B12 is an indispensable vitamin. If you do not eat meat, which contains this component, then turn your attention to the shrimps. Thanks to them, stress and neurosis, fatigue and apathy will disappear, while your memory and concentration will improve.

E and D are excellent vitamins that are responsible for our beauty and health. Do you want to improve your vision? Then buy some shrimps. Or maybe you want to improve the circulatory system and your heart? This wonderful seafood will help you as well.

We also should not ignore the fact that phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, and selenium are found in shrimps, being indispensable elements for the immune, bone and nervous systems.

Here are the undeniable advantages of Argentine shrimps, once again confirming the exclusivity and uniqueness of this type of seafood.


Type Argentine shrimp, headless, fresh-frozen

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