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When you want something unusual and incredibly tasty, an exceptional delicacy - halibut - comes to the rescue. Thanks to the cold smoking technique, you have the opportunity to fully enjoy and feel the whole great taste of this fish.

White fibrous meat with light notes of salt, dense and slightly fatty just melts in your mouth. This is a very rare and simply perfect treat for any occasion, be it a reception or a cozy family evening. Halibut is considered a very valuable fish, as it contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals, and it is quite expensive fish. It is adored for its wonderful tender white meat, which has practically no bones, as well as for its unmatched rich fish taste. Due to cold smoking, this fish retains up to 90% of all nutrients and acquires pleasant notes of smoke. Halibut is quite fatty fish, which should be taken into account by people who monitor their weight, but at the same time, it is so tasty that it is simply impossible to refuse to taste it.

The halibut itself belongs to the family of flatfish and has not only the corresponding taste characteristics but the appearance as well. It is much larger than the usual flounder, the smallest individuals grow up to 75 cm and can weigh about 2.5-3 kg, and the largest often reach 5 meters and weigh 350 kg.


Is halibut healthy to eat?

Despite the frightening fat content, halibut contains the necessary omega-3 polyunsaturated acids and 7 amino acids, which are an excellent prevention of cancer. Like other marine creatures, halibut has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that care for vision, metabolism, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Halibut has a huge concentration of vitamin A, so it is recommended for people who suffer from a deficiency of this ingredient.



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