Salted salmon

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There is no better combination than fish and salt. The same statement applies to delicious and incredibly tasty salted salmon, which literally melts in your mouth. Its exhilarating coral-red color causes an insatiable appetite at first glance. Atlantic salmon is considered to be “the queen of all salmon” because it is moderately fat and salty, but unusually meaty as well. It is a favorite delicacy of the true admirers of red fish.

Salmon turns into not only an exquisite treat but also a delightful decoration on a festive table, creating a festive mood. Salmon occupies an honorable place among delicacy fish species. Red meat is incredibly valuable and has outstanding taste properties. Being related to the salmon family, it was called “noble salmon” and “Atlantic salmon”.

It is usually served fresh or defrozen, but it becomes especially tasty when salted, as it retains all the vitamins and microelements. Both adults and children like it as it has no pronounced smell.

Salmon prefers to migrate, so while living in the north of the Atlantic Ocean, during spawning it can be found in rivers from Spain and Portugal to tributaries of the Ural. Wild salmon is considered to be the most valuable than the one grown on farms, because its size is much larger, and the luster of silver scales is simply fascinating. This species of salmon can be up to 1.5 meters long and weigh more than 30 kg. Salmon mainly eats small fish and crustaceans.


Interesting facts about salmon

• Salmon is very fertile, during spawning it lays from 6-26 thousand orange eggs.

• 100 grams of red meat contains a daily intake of protein.

• Regular consumption of this type of fish enhances immunity.

• Salmon can detect the smell of the river in which it was born 800 km away.

• In ancient times, the main source of food for northern people was only salmon, without it they would not have survived in cold conditions. 

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